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Nominate Someone Great!

Help us find and support emerging talent in the cannabis accounting space

At The Moxy Accountant, we put our money where our mouth is. We know that decades of over-policing around cannabis has created socio-economic imbalances that must be actively addressed. We reserve one seat in each cohort for a deserving practitioner who might not otherwise be able to attend. We invite nominations from our community to help us. If you are, or know someone who fits in the categories below, please use the form on this page to introduce them and we will follow up.

We support nominations for yourself or others.

Studies show that marginalized people often self-select out if they don't meet 100% of the outlined criteria. Please help us change that. If you feel you might fit in any of the categories below, and would appreciate support as you navigate the industry, we would love to know you. Please complete the form included so we can discuss.

Directly Impacted by Cannabis Over-Policing

  • Is the nominee from a community targeted by the War on Drugs?

  • Does the nominee serve primarily clients from those communities?

Social Equity Supply Chain Operator

  • Is the nominee serving as CFO, Public Accountant, Controller or similar for an Equity Cannabis Licensee? 

Soloprenuer or Small Firm Partnership 

  • Is the current firm of employment under 5 employees or is the nominee self employed?

From/ Serving areas of Socio-Economic Marginalization

  • Is the nominee from and/ or currently working with clients identified by socio-economic deprivation or marginalization

Includes but not limited to: USiDep, ADI, MDI, SDI and other rubrics

Your Nominee:

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