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A Free Webinar on How to Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur.

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Curious About Cannabis?

Join a free 60-minute webinar with Katye Maxson-Landis, CPA. As a champion of fiscal literacy and best practices for the cannabis industry, she will give you the four key things you need to know before jumping into this high-demand accounting niche.

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Cannabis is a multi-billion dollar industry with growing numbers of states legalizing it for adult recreational use.

For those looking to find a niche that is leading-edge, complex, and unique, cannabis accounting is a burgeoning field. There is a growing need for skilled, accurate tax work in this industry. Learn the four questions a practitioner should ask themselves when considering cannabis as their chosen accounting field. 

Why Attend?

During This FREE Online Training You Will Discover:

Reasons to consider the cannabis industry

Compliance issues to consider

Ways accountants must approach cannabis differently than traditional businesses

The complexity of the client relationship in cannabis

The importance of understanding cannabis' regulatory environment

How to begin building a defensible tax position in cannabis

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Katye is the founder of Moxy Accounting in Portland, OR. A champion of fiscal literacy and best practices for the cannabis industry, Katye has been practicing as a CPA for nine years, bringing over twenty years of experience in accounting, bookkeeping, and administrative solutions for small businesses with various structures. She has led workshops hosted by the National Accounting and Finance Show, Oregon and Washington State Society of CPAs, New York State Society of CPAs, and the Western CPE in Montana. Equally comfortable in person with large or small groups or using the latest technologies, Katye has participated in numerous podcasts, webinars, distance learning modules, fireside chats, and teleconference meetings for industry interest groups. Katye is a contributing member of the AICPA's Cannabis Advisory Board, leads a 8-week Cannabis tax Cohort, and qualifies as a NASBA CPE sponsor in her own right.

Meet Your Host
Katye Maxson-Landis, CPA

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Curious About Cannabis?
Accounting & Finance Basics

is a live webinar starting
Thursday, December 9th, 2021

at 10:00 am Pacific Time

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