A training program for the cannabis accountant

Learn from our years of experience in the cannabis industry, in live small group environments designed to foster critical thinking, problem-solving and interactive learning. Specially designed for CPA's and tax professionals who enjoy accounting challenges, join us if you are ready to serve a unique but well deserving population. 

This newly designed professional education and networking platform is unlike any virtual education out there!

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When Katye took her first cannabis client in 2012, she realized there was a big learning curve for bookkeeping & tax. These businesses work mostly in cash and have little access to banking - sometimes meaning bags of Post-It notes instead of bank statements (true story). Then there was tax preparation. If a cannabis medical dispensary had A LOT of legal fees, could that be a deductible expense? When it came to filing a tax return under 280E, she realized she had to make manual entries to her tax software - eek! 


She consulted a tax lawyer for advice while also reaching out to her state society to see if taking these clients was even something she could do. She made the best judgement calls she could and learned a lot along the way. 


Nine years later, the legal cannabis market has grown by leaps and bounds. And yet, so much remains the same; 280E still imposes a punitive tax burden on entrepreneurs, banking and typical financial services can be expensive or hard to find, and tax preparation is fraught with confusion and a shortage of qualified accounting professionals. 


With a penchant for hearty discussion (she loves to talk folks!) and as one who shines in public speaking, Katye envisioned sharing her wisdom of the past nine years with other accountants who wanted to get into cannabis. 

Here’s what Katye says about her approach: “I have been mostly alone in this process for many years now. Due to the massive grey area that this industry enjoys there is almost no way for me to teach the bright line edges of accounting for the industry because they don't exist. I try to challenge people to THINK differently about their interpretations of the existing laws and see where a defensible position can arise. That said, after hundreds of hours of research, bookkeeping, tax prep and advisory work with this industry I do have standardized pieces. Those chart of accounts, allocation schedules and inventory valuation work-papers are tied to my tax position… something I'm willing to put my name on. In short, context matters.”


If you’re looking for an education program to give you the expertise you need while supporting your ability to come to the answers that are right for you and your tax position, you’ve come to the right place. 

Take the next Moxy Cohort and build your path to a cannabis accounting practice that is Consistent, Conservative and Defensible.


I think the plus with Katye, and I've always said this, is that she strives for a person to understand rather than just give the answer or a direction. She's gone on calls with me and walked me through something for an hour. She gives a wealth of information, and the fact that she teaches tax puts her a step above everyone else.

Scale of 1 to 10? I'd say 1,000. This course is so hands on with concrete information, examples, and tools I can use in a real world situation. This is the premiere education place if you want to be in this space.

Kimberliann Chambers, EA

LeAnna Miller, EA


Our Unique Approach


A dedicated platform exclusive to all past and present members. Our community aims to create a virtual watercooler for tax professionals to connect and have access to resources for our specific niche.


We believe in a different kind of CPE experience. We're interested in personalized, small group training that addresses real practice challenges, preparation of 280E returns and considers all the pitfalls involved in working for this unique business population.


Katye started in this industry before legalization for adult use came to Oregon. She's seen the industry evolve and change to be what it is today. Learn from the challenges she's faced and the wisdom she has gained after working with dozens of farms, extractors and dispensaries.


because this is the jazz of accounting

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